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Wash and Wax Cleaner 


Contains space age additive to protect the luster of your vessel.

Attacks grease and grime and not the finish!

Contains no soap to dull the finish and will mot effect the fiberglass or gel coat.  Also contains a polymer wax emulsion for weather proofing and adding a gloss to the finish of the vessel.

$9.95 ea

Cream Cleaner 


Non acid, bacteriostatic concentreate that scours, polishes, and protects by leaving a polymer protective coating.

easily removes: blood stains, rust stains, red wine stains, shoe scuff marks, plus much more..  GREAT ON CUSHION VINYL!!!

​$11.95 ea

Made from high quality marine grade aluminum extruded tubing with a brite finish, and stainless steel hardware to last and look its best among your existing marine metal work.  easily adjusts from 64" to 84" with 6 settings in 4" increments.  Fits in most standard rod holders. (1 pole)  $199.00 ea

Wash and Wax Cleaner 


same as over there <--...But more.


Leather and Vinyl Conditioner

16 oz.

Uses a combination of cleaning agents and conditioners that provide long lasting protection against the harsh effects of heat and UV rays. It conditions leather and vinyl to prevent from hardening that causes cracking and fading


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Aft Shade Support Pole

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