​From 1 cushion to your entire yacht!  We'll do it all!

Well, I was born and raised here in South Florida and have been into the technical side of life since the beginning.  My first real job was with a local truck accessory company, and from that I learned a great deal about everything.  I worked for a few other automotive shops over the years and enjoyed it very much, just never really loved it.  I tried selling cars for a few years and found that to be very empty and unrewarding.  It wasn't until around 2003 that I first was exposed to the marine canvas and upholstery industry through my then father-in-law.  I took to it immediately.  I really had found what I wanted to do!  Unfortunately like so many, the economic difficulties of 2008 kind of put my dream on a slow path.  I tried a few other things here and there but none were what I wanted to do.  I took a short break from the business and in December of 2014, I left the job I had taken to start chasing the dream all over again!

They say "If you find a job you love, You'll never work a day in your life!"

​This is mine!

​                                                       ​Christopher Shuman

Custom Canvas And Cushions inc

Palm Beach County, Florida


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